Prof. Paolo Magnone

Paolo Magnone is currently professor of  Sanskrit Language and Literature at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, besides teaching Study of Religions: Hinduism & Buddhism at the Higher Institute for Religious Sciences (both in Milan, Italy).  His main research interests include studies in the mythological narratives of the epico-purāṇic literature with variously thematic, hermeneutical, text-critical, and comparative approaches; the philosophy of the Upaniṣads and Sāṃkhya–Yoga in the light of the commentators; comparative studies in Ancient Greek and Indian philosophical thought.

Further details of his didactic activity (as well as useful indological links and some of his papers) are available at his personal website Jambudvipa.

A fuller selection of his publications can be read or downloaded from his page at

Yoga and Philosophy Related Publications
(most of them downloadable from

  • Patañjali, Aforismi dello Yoga (Yogasūtra). [Con il commentario Rājamārtaṇḍa di Bhoja. Introduzione, traduzione, subcommentario e note di Paolo Magnone]
  • Teismo e teologia nello yoga classico
  • The akartṛtva of prakṛti and Other Misconceptions in Bhoja’s Rājamārtaṇḍa Commentary to the Yogasūtra [forthcoming]
  • Diventare è ricordare: una versione indiana dell’anamnesi [forthcoming]
  • A Lesser-­Known Flavour of Yoga: the Jñānayoga Chapter of the Śivadharmottara [forthcoming]
  • Aho kauśalam apūrvam. Hermeneutical wrigglings about the Īśopaniṣad
  • La alegoría del carro del alma en Platón y en la Kaṭha Upaniṣad
  • Soul Chariots in Indian and Greek Thought: Polygenesis or Diffusion?
  • Il maestro, il pupillo e la pupilla (tra India e Grecia)